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Subject: Lotus Script, Derived Class: Reference appears before declaration' ?
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE)
Technical Area: Error Message
Platform: Windows
Release: 8.5.1
Reproducible: Always


I have written a derived class in the same script library like the base class. But I always get the error symbol (red ball with white cross) in the editor combined with the message "Reference appears before declaration:"
But if I save it and compile it with 'Tools/Recompile All Lotusscript' I get an "All code successfully compiled" message !?!

As the order of the classes inside a script library is with the DDE no longer in my hands, this does not make any sense to me !? Smells like a kind of bug, right ?!

Any help/hints appreciated.

TIA, Joe

Feedback number WEBB8359MU created by ~Evelyn Lopveluplopings on 03/01/2010

Status: Open

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